пʼятниця, травня 20, 2005


Some time ago a few friends and I took a test assessing our spiritual gifts. Among other things, hospitality came up as one of them. It made me wonder: how are some people gifted with hospitality? Aren’t we all called to be hospitable? We are. But I think I am now starting to understand what it means to have the gift of hospitality.

I spent most of last week driving/bus-ing/train-ing/biking from Hamilton to St. Mary’s to Aylmer to Oshawa to Bowmanville and just about everywhere in-between. I was blessed and privileged to spend time with some of my closest friends and got to experience the amazing hospitality of their homes. As I visit friends in all the different places, I am continually overwhelmed with how easily some people invite you into their lives and share not just their homes, but them-very-selves. It comes so easily, so naturally. You don’t feel welcome, you feel at home. Manners, correct pronunciation and the level of grumpiness in the morning become almost irrelevant; no need for performance or meeting standards. My most recent trip was definitely one of such experiences. To share this kind of love and to show such acceptance to strangers is a true gift and a powerful ministry.

Thank you.