субота, червня 25, 2005

You never said it was off the record

Tonight was mostly spent sitting on the living room floor and chatting about everything under the sun. One of the best things about a night like tonight is the freedom that we share as friends to speak our minds. And is that freedom ever exercised...

"Yay, I'm not autistic!" – The Bohemian Laura Stewart

"And... then... we made crafts without permission!!!" – The Bolivian Mikey Arce

"What else starts with 'G' and ends with 'ayle'?" – The Lovely Rachel Legg

"We slept only one foot apart, but there was a wall inbetween" – The Unforgettable Melissa Kuipers

Best match to the word "phony": communism (from The Most-Lovable, though American, Gayle Doornbos); George W. Bush (from yours truly Eastern European). Guess who won that point...

субота, червня 11, 2005

Come on, Barbie, let's go party!

The best part of my morning so far is meeting a middle-aged Dutch man wearing a shirt with bright pink lettering declaring: Barbie is a slut.

середа, червня 08, 2005


Life went on, even if blogging didn’t. Here are just a few observations made in a hurry:

- God is amazing. He provides above and beyond what we need. Great is Thy faithfulness!

- I miss my friends… (those blogless too :))

- …and am thankful for some great new ones

- I don't want to be graduating, or thinking about graduating. So, stop asking me what I am doing after. I'm working on it.

- Convincing myself that I did get enough sleep only works for so long. And then it no longer does… And then I see triples. Watch out for sharp corners!

- TV (on DVD) is a great mindless way of unwinding and procrastination. It also tends to eat the time away. No good.

- Heat + humidity = misery

- Being in charge sucks

- Working with good people makes all the difference

- Physical labour is very satisfying

- When I am tired I talk way too much and become way too incoherent. Sucks to be you to be there at those times

- Words are one of the worst means of communication

- Small towns are suffocating

- Biking in traffic is just as frustrating for the bikers as it is for drivers. Please, don't hunk at us. We are doing our best and we don't want to die.

- Life is good

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