середа, серпня 17, 2005

Adults should know better

One of my favourite activities in the last week or so has been observing the children who are part of Redeemer's Summer Rays sports camp. They are absolutely unique and adorable! It makes me wonder what they will be like when they grow up. Superheroes in training! :D

All the counselors at the camp go by nicknames, and one of the guys unpretentiously calls himself Stewie. A six or seven year old girl came up to him after the introductions were done and innocently asked: "Are you like Stewie from Family Guy?"
My heart sank.
6-year-olds should now know about Stewie.
Off to a great start, kiddo.

понеділок, серпня 15, 2005

Summer school

This is the very first summer in my life when I am working straight through with only an occasional weekend off here and there. To those of you who have been doing it since grade 9 and 10 I can only say one thing: it's a tough go. Though, a few good things did come out of it. Even if God is still holding out what His idea for my life is, this summer I figured out some minor, but interesting details that may help me to at least look in the right direction.

I do:
- find service and physical labour immensely satisfying
- work well under pressure and like high stress jobs
- have a hard time balancing the priority I put on skill and effort vs. some personal qualities in people I work with
- have a tendency to be an anal perfectionist (sorry...)
- sometimes care too much (perpetuates the previous point)
- believe in stewardship more strongly than I thought I did (thanks, Dr. Goheen)
- try to put principles into practice; thus I am labeled a geek at work
- get easily grossed out
- involuntarily follow the rule: the more time is available, the less gets done
- procrastinate when I get an opportunity
- know that minor jobs are important, can make a difference (even if not on a global scale) and be very satisfying

I don't:
- handle well most office jobs
- know how most of what I am learning in my business program will ever be relevant in the real world; ironically, things learned in philosophy and religion classes already are. Go figure that one out...
- have much (ANY) tolerance for incompetence and bad attitude; too bad; it hurts some personal relationships
- train others well
- do a good job delegating
- perform well (at all) if I am bored/don't enjoy my job, even if it is no special challenge. I always hoped I would have the will to, but really now, who am I kidding?
- want to work on Sundays!
- want to graduate and be doing this for the rest of my life