середа, листопада 09, 2005

15+ reasons

A recent trip to Montreal with some very cool people inspired this list to convince those who are not yet convinced: GO!

For the second half of the list check out
Mr. Pistachio-Fight-NOT-Winner's blog!

вівторок, листопада 01, 2005

What is hope?

Someone said to me the other day that hope is only a social norm that helps us to accept our fate and the fact that our lives lack any kind of meaning or purpose. My hope is just a way to sweeten that bitter pill. The same person also said something very Nietzsche-like: show me the fruition of your hope and then I'll consider it.

My hope comes to fruition every day. But how do I show that? Is there a way to communicate it or is faith (and therefore hope) an intense, but subjective and lonely experience?

I don't know how to be a witness of hope.