вівторок, квітня 20, 2004

A little something

First of all, this weekend was marked by the death of my dear computer (yes, the loyal one from the last post). As it is now pronounced clinically dead, I mourn not only my inability to communicate with the cyber world, but also the loss of quite a few courses worth of notes and papers, including some that would be of value for the still upcoming exams. Man...

On a happier note, today during one of my study breaks (more emphasis on "breaks" than on "studying") I came across the following. It presented a bit of a variety and seemed amusing. Oh, did I ever love these things in high school! So here you go:

A puzzle (as seen in Raymond Smullyan's book)

Suppose there are two identical twins: one is a chronic liar, and the other always tells the truth. The truth teller is absolutely accurate in his beliefs, meaning that all true propositions he assumes to be true, and all the false ones to be false, while the other twin is completely inaccurate. The trick is that both twins will have identical answers to the same questions. If asked if it is true that 2 plus 2 equals 4, both will reply "yes". So how can you tell one from the other asking only the "yes" and "no" questions?

Probably most of you have seen this one before, but for me it was a nice little break from English/Accounting/Ref. Theology read.

Happy studying to those who are still slaving away. Patience is a virtue, or so they say...

вівторок, квітня 13, 2004


School is done. Yay! on the one hand, but on the other I know I will miss it. Starting no earlier than sometime in July, of course. Papers are written, packing up is not for another week or so (oh shutter!), exams not till Wednesday. Combined with a headache and a terribly antisocial mood, all these bring me to my quiet chamber and face-to-face with an old laptop which has been (in most cases) a loyal helper for quite some time now. Blogging... Have nothing coherent, let alone valuable to say at the moment, so I thought I'd go with the trend and attempt a more aesthetically interesting look for my blog...

A half an hour argument with the template. Another revelation of how strongly I dislike computers and of why exactly that is the case. But looks like no damage done. Some fixing-uping with the newly added links... Done!

Any comments and/or suggestions on the colours, links, etc. are welcome and appreciated. Everything will look different in the morning...

Good night!

понеділок, квітня 05, 2004

Inbetween the worlds

As some of you may know, I first came to Canada about 2.5 years ago to go to school and get out of my bubble. When I went home after my first year living in Toronto, I experienced a very unexpected reverse culture shock, which was almost more "shocking" than the original Canadian one. First, it took me a while to revert back to my mother tongue (and that's after 17 years of speaking it!). Inability of my brain to recall the words such as plate, elevator, heels, etc. in any language other than English was a bit puzzling for me, as well as for those watching me struggle through a simple sentence. Secondly, the visual appearances of the people were an unexpected site too. Finding your "baby"-brother being 2 inches taller than you is ... yeah. Guess who gets to hold the remote now...

But what surprised me the most was a change in my relationships with the people. When I left the place where my life was, I subconsciously expected the world (or at least my world) to stop spinning for that year, so I can pick up right where I left off once I get back. Well guess what! Never happened! Life went on, people were growing up, graduating, getting married. And I was not a part of that life anymore. I know that it probably makes perfect sense, but to me that revelation came like a tidal wave that ruined my world. Nothing was the same, and I was torn between dwelling on the nostalgic used-to-be's and trying to recoup and build new castles. Don't get me wrong, the friends were still there, my mom still lectured me on wearing a sweater in the evenings, grandma still made my breakfast... But something was different. The dynamics of life changed, and not being a part of this progressive change I couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly has changed and had a miserable time trying to catch on.

It's been a while since then. I grew to realize and accept that the show must go on, no matter where or who is watching it. But here's a problem. People say that home is where the heart is. So where is the heart? I always thought that the heart is where family/friends are. Doesn't work like that anymore. A part of me is there, going for late night walks with my mom, sitting with a few old friends around the bonfire, playing guitar and eating baked potatoes, staring at the stars all night long and making up excuses for each others moms to why we never called after midnight. Another part is here, lost in the insanity of university and dorm life, meeting new people, developing new friendships that over the last couple of years became just as meaningful. So where is home? Though I still do think of our good old apartment with the view on the river as home, I realize more and more, that the fuzzier this image becomes and a new one (RUC and my place here for the moment) gets clearer, the more I grow apart with the teenage years friends and develop deeper relationshis here, the more difficult it will be to say where the home is.