пʼятниця, січня 20, 2006

the Good, the Better, and the Beautiful

I realize that I have not blogged in a while, and to return into the groove only one topic is worthy: my trip home. This little miracle was made possible because of some very cool people whose love and care for me blow my mind on a daily basis. You are all amazing and I am endlessly grateful to you all.

So, to spare the details (or to delay them) here are just some of the highlights:

the Good
- the Canadian government that processed a number of my requests in record times (and by record I mean 3.5 hours instead of the regular 3-5 weeks)
- a flight-attendant who found me a different seat on a 7 hour flight, preventing me from losing my mind or getting off the plane well before it landed

the Better
- my unspoiled surprise 'guest' appearance in my house after not having been there for a year and a half. cheers to those who keep secrets well!
- the fact that you cannot completely forget your mothertongue

the Beautiful
- my family
- my friends (on both sides of the planet)
- having two Christmases half-way across the world with two sets of wonderful families
- performing arts
- fairy-tale movies from my parents' and grandparents' generation
- a funikulyor driver feeding sunflower seeds from her hand to the birds on her way down
- people in their 50s and 60s waltzing to accordion music at a subway station on a snowy January evening
- babies (their rapid appearance within my friends' circles)
- the joy of being back there and back here